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How To Fix Bad Credit

There is no fast and easy answer to this question. The time it takes to repair your credit is completely dependent upon your personal situation. In that regard, values each member’s unique situation and provides customized Game Plans to suit varying member needs. We work with you quickly to:

  • Check your credit reports to help you identify items that you want to challenge or change. This strategy allows us to focus our efforts and get started as quickly as possible. With your timely involvement, the process can begin.
  • Challenge the items you identified with your creditors and/or the credit bureaus. We interact with creditors directly help resolve the issues quickly. We also communicate with the credit bureaus to ensure that all changes are reflected on your credit report. Creditor and credit bureau cooperation is imperative to timely credit repair. Thankfully, we understand consumer protection laws and the time regulations they carry. We’ll represent you with legal knowledge on our side.
  • Change your perspective by confronting your credit score issues. At, change is our end-goal. When negative items are challenged and removed, credit scores almost always improve.

While we can’t guarantee a timeframe for your credit repair, we can share our past results.  With our knowledge and your active participation, we can work together to help you achieve the credit repair you’ve been searching for.

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